Ahmedabad has a hot, semi-arid climate with three main seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter. Aside from the monsoon season with its heavy rains, the climate is very dry. The weather is hot from March to June with average maximum temperatures of 43°C and an average minimum temperature of 24 °C. From November to February, the average maximum temperature is 30°C, the average minimum is 13°C.
For the building to respond to these varied conditions it has 3 ‘skins’ that are nestled into each other - the outer skin with the louvers, the middle glass layer and the central core. The louvered facade can be manually adjusted to allow in more light or more ventilation. The glass core contains air-conditioned reading spaces.​​​​​​​

©Rajesh Vora

The three lower floors were built with exposed cast-in-place concrete. Afterwards, the primary structure for the upper floors was assembled from welded together steel sections on site. Afterwards, the secondary structure and finishes were added.
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