The goal for the studio was to design an intervention, a "cafe" on Bucheggplatz, one of the major intersections in Zurich, that addresses its current problems. 
The main deficiencies of the Bucheggplatz in its current state, that we identified are the lack of sheltered places and proper catering. These deficiencies prevent the visitor from recognizing the positive qualities like the visual beauty of the constant movement and the urbanity. An intervention, which addresses these deficiencies must embrace the spectacle, but should also offer sheltered spaces.
To achieve these apparently contradictory objectives we place our proposed structure in an elevated position. Our building offers a platform for the visitor to observe the Bucheggplatz. This new perspective changes the relationship to the square.
We identified the location by looking at all the buildings with flat rooftops that we could use as a plinth for our structure. The tower would sit like a parasite on the existing building. A lightweight steel structure adds only exerts minimal forces on the load-bearing walls of the building.
Every level is oriented towards a different point of interest. On the lowest level (3m above the roof level of the existing building) we have the sunset view room. Above this, there is a room with a view of Bucheggplatz. On the top floor is the final room with a view over Zurich and towards the Alps. This room will mainly be used during the day when one can see the mountains and the lake, which is why it includes an open roof terrace. The sequence is defined by the specific qualities at each height.

research drawing showing the in habitation of the existing building

structural analysis

connection with the existing structure

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